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Irritation Studies
IRT is renowned for research and toxicology of the Irritation Studies. The Skin Irritation testing is to determine if a material or device with which a patient body would have to contact is irritant or not. We at Toxicity testing conduct the skin irritation testing to measures the reaction to single, repeated, or continual exposure on skin from the tested device materials which can be a cause of skin irritation, resulting in mucosal, or ocular irritation.

Prevention is better than the cure. Skin is the most easily effective part of human body in terms of infection.  Skin irritation test is the popular test which is done to ensure safety and analyse the risk assessment of the products and its components on the skin. The skin testing is vital in the countries like India, Africa and Kenya. Toxicity testing in South Africa is done on all and various products. The toxicity testing involves basic testing and advance or specific testing which is specific to the place or region, depending upon the climatic condition there etc. The skin irritation test is the basic requirement needed to be done to ensure the product safety on human body before the introduction of the product to the market. Earlier the skin testing was done by using the product or doing a practical experiment on animals. With science advancement, the approach of toxicity testing has changed, and no more harm or damage is done on animals for doing skin testing of the product. The skin corrosion, skin irritation testing and risk assessment are implemented without using any test methods on animals. The vitro test or novel acute irritation patch tests in human are the popular and in demand skin irritation test at toxicity.  An array of other human test methods has developed and used for the chronic skin irritation and the general skin compatibility of the finished products.  IIRT is a renowned and trusted research Centre for irritation testing and irritation study. The institute is renowned for its toxicity testing services in South Africa, Kenya and India.
Irritation Studies

The Irritation study is the study of the effects of the compound on the body surface like the mucous membrane or the skin. It is very important to research on these compounds because there is always a possibility of accidental contamination. So, for checking the effects the studies on the skin irritation and the mucous membrane irritation are performed and eventually it becomes very helpful
The popular irritation studies done at IIRT are:

·        Mucous membrane irritation

·        Skin irritation

Mucous membrane irritation studies

We at IIRT adopt the modified Draize test for the search for new methods in irritation testing. Other Mucous membrane irritation testing methods used here are by using organ and cell cultures. To determine of the relationship between physio-chemical properties and irritative potential, is reported in the reports. Although at present the techniques used require further validation. Few of which shows the reliability of the product and the product irritation on the irritative effects of substances on humans. We here at Toxicity testing do the thorough irritation study by following the proper procedure of irritation testing.

All the investigation and study reports on irritation testing is widely accepted and recognised in the market.

We here take the full consideration of product irritation study condition which includes:

Intracutaneous Irritation Test

Primary Skin Irritation Test:

Mucous Membrane Irritation Test

We at IIRT provide various options to the customer who choose irritation testing from us:

The customer must specify the format:

  • either the standard or customised
  • irritation test(s) to be perform
  • the route(s) of administration of test material
  • the dose(s) of test material

The customer can also request:

  • additional doses of test material
  • additional routes of administration
  • additional replicates

Skin Irritation

We at IIRT conduct toxicity testing completely on the government terms and conditions. Therefore, our toxicity testing services has replaced to non-animal testing methods as many of the endpoints of the battery of acute toxicity tests known as the “6-pack”. One of the “6-pack” tests is the Draize rabbit test for dermal irritation. We at IIRT investigate whether the validated in Skin Irritation Test can be used to determine the dermal. Here, at IIRT we understand that the Skin irritation safety testing and risk assessment for new products, and the ingredients they contain, is a requirement of all the product before they are introduced to the market. The new current best approaches used at Toxicity Testing for skin corrosion and skin irritation testing and risk assessment are being defined to prevent ancient animal test methods. An acute irritation patch test in human subjects is providing a valid and ethical alternative to animal testing for prediction of chemical skin irritation potential. An array of other human test methods also has been developed and used for the prediction of any kind of chronic skin irritation and the compatibility of the product on the skin.

Thus, you can trust IIRT for all kind of skin irritation testing and irritation study. We follow all standards and promise the report with maximum accuracy. Toxicity testing and toxicity testing services are renowned in India, South Africa and Kenya.

You can send us an enquiry below to know about our toxicity testing services and costing below. Be it toxicity testing in South Africa or Toxicity testing in Kenya, we here promise to give the accurate testing result which is widely recognised.

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