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Industrial Training Programs 2018-19, Ist Groups

Guidelines for training

1. Project work training for students:

The project work-training of five to six months will be offered to students doing M.Sc/ M.Tech in Biotechnology/Bioinformatics or Life Science disciplines, and B.Tech (Biotech/Bioinformatics) degree programmes. The training aims at providing opportunity for carrying out research in Plant Biotechnology and Genomics. Application in the prescribed format (Annexure I) with detailed biodata and relevant documents from prospective candidates will be received round the year and the students selected by a selection committee will be informed accordingly by e-mail. The selected candidate will have to work in one of the on-going projects of the centre under the supervision of a scientist of IIRT. On completion of project work the candidate will be allowed to submit a thesis/report/dissertation to his/her institution with signature of the scientist of IIRT as co-supervisor. A copy of the thesis must be submitted to the Director, IIRT authorship in the publication depending upon the level of his/her contribution. A course fee of Rs. 5000/- per month plus service tax (12.36%) will be charged.

1. New applications are invited for May, 2018 to July, 2019 batch.
2. Last date for sumission of training applications for 1st April, 2016 to 30th April, 2016 batch started from 1 may 2016

3. Short-term group training:

A two to three week structured group training programme will be organized periodically anytime of the year for regular staff of IIRT. The information regarding the trainings programme will be advertised through IIRT website and the interested candidates (below the age of 45 years) may apply through proper channel in the prescribed format (Annexure I) to the Director, IIRT. Each of these training's will be coordinated by a scientist of the IIRT having experience in the subject area of training but expert faculty may be called from other institutions if needed.

The areas of Short term group training and corresponding course fee is as follows:
  Area of Research
Fee to be charged for one training per person
1. Chemistry
 Rs. 20,000/-
2. Microbial Biotechnology
 Rs. 20,000/-
2. Toxicology
 Rs. 25,000/-
3. Pharmacology
Rs. 20,000/-

4. Long-term training in specific area of research:

Long-term research training will be offered to DBT / CSIR fellowship awardee who have their own contingency. The duration of training will be for a period of six months to one year or till the completion of the fellowship period. The research will have to be carried out in one of the ongoing research areas within the mandate of IIRT. The project should be developed in consultation with the concerned scientist and forwarded to the funding agency through the Director, IIRT. Any scientist of ICAR / SAU also interested to get long term training in the area of on-going projects at IIRT with their own financial support will be welcomed. No Bench fee, but contingency of Rs. 10,000/- per year will be charged to such candidates. At any time, a maximum of ten candidates will be allowed to work in different laboratories of IIRT. This category will also include medium and long term training of scientists under various network projects where national training is part of the approved project.

5. Training of individuals from corporate sector and NGOs:

Corporate employee and NGO workers are encouraged to apply for a 1-2 week training programme in identified specific areas of Plant Biotechnology. On case-to-case basis the training will be conducted in consultation with the Director, IIRT and fee will be charged @ Rs. 10,000/- per week in the areas of expertise available at the IIRT. The selection of corporate and NGO candidates for training will be solely at the discretion of the selection committee.

6. International training:

IIRT will also offer training to overseas candidates. The terms and conditions of this training will be as per Institute/university guidelines and instructions.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Candidates will be selected on the basis of merit by a selection committee constituted by the Director, IIRT.
  2. The decision of selection committee will be final and no representation will be entertained.
  3. All fees will be paid in the form of Bank Draft in favour of Director,Institute for Industrial Research & Toxicology payable at New Delhi before the commencement of training.
  4. The fee will be deposited in a separate account called “Training Account”.
  5. Products, technologies, patents, processes, protocols and publications coming out of the training will be the property of IIRT and trainees shall have no right to claim. However, the trainer will have the discretionary power to allow the trainee to share the IPR.
  6. The selected candidates shall have to arrange boarding, lodging and transport of their own. IIRT does not have such facilities for the trainees at present.
  7. Director, IIRT will have sole discretionary power to settle unforeseen events or disputes if any.
  8. Director or trainer will not be responsible for any kind of accident or hazards met by the trainees during experimentation handling of equipment's or other infrastructure etc.


The basic salient features that set our operations strikingly different from the others are:
  • Our highly skilled in-house friendly trainers.
  • A very positive and ambient learning environment.
  • Confidential feedback reporting mechanism to the college of every student regarding his/her performance during the industrial training program.

  • The fee includes the cost of chemical, reagents and other consumables used during the training period if available in the Institute. In case of pre-clinical studies the cost of animal and chemicals to be required for the studies will be bear by the students. In case of any special chemicals not available in the stock of the Institute in that case student will procure the same.
  • Service tax @ 10.3% Extra of the fee mentioned above.
  • Registration fee Rs. 2000/- per student to be paid at the time of registration and the balance fee is to be deposited at the time of joining. (Registration fee is inclusive of the fee mentioned above)
  • The students have to bear the boarding and lodging charges in actual. However we facilitate students in arranging a decent and safe paying guest accommodation near our premises.
  • For group registrations (20+ students) 10 % discount is offered to each student.
  • Fourth Anniversary Offer- Register as a group of five and get Rs. 500/- discount per student. To avail this offer send all registration forms in same envelope and a single registration draft should be made of the total amount.

The detailed content of the modules offered is in the enclosed attachment along with the registration form (can also be downloaded from our website). The registration fee can be
sent through demand draft favoring “Institute for Industrial Research Toxicology”, payable at Delhi. OR can be deposited in the nearest branch of Union Bank of India in Account No. 532701010034292, Account Name: Institute for Industrial Research & Toxicology. OR we can send our representative to collect the registration forms and fees to your college in case of group registration only. Payment option to IIRT

(Annexure I)

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