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Our certificates and Accreditation are as follows :
The Accreditation are given below. 

Targeting to be complaint with:

  • OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practices endorsed by an European GLP Monitoring Authority (viz., Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands etc) as well as GLP monitoring Authority of the Government of India
  • Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC)
Accreditation of GLP
  • OECD principles of GLP are followed for the conduct of various studies
  • We employ highly competent scientific personnel, proficient in basic sciences, agriculture, chemistry, genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, veterinary sciences and paramedical faculties, with rich experience in their respective domains
  • Our professionals are mostly Post Graduates and Doctorates
  • Studies are supervised by qualified Study Directors and other Study Personnel for the proper conduct of studies as per the OECD/EU principles of GLP
  • All SOPs are meticulously prepared, and each study plan is designed and executed as per the required guidelines such as OECD, USEPA, USFDA, EU, FAO/CIPAC, AOAC, SANCO, RCGM-DBT-India, CIB-RC-India, DCG-India, WHO and others
  • IIRT has a strong Quality Assurance Unit that audits every report to ensure that our reports are served with the best quality and integrity in the National and International arena
  • An extremely organised Test Substance Control system is practised, keeping in mind the criticality and sensitivity of the test substances received at the facility
  • Test substance disposal is also done with utmost care and diligence
  • We understand the value of the reports generated and to ensure integrity & confidentiality, an accommodative archival facility has been provided and strict archiving systems are followed