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Acute Dermal Irritation/Corrosion

IIRT is performing studies as method provides for dermal irritation/corrosion according information on health hazard likely to arise from exposure to liquid or solid test substance by dermal application. This test guideline recommends sequential testing strategies, which include the performance of validated and accepted in vitro or ex vivo tests for corrosion/irritation.


The albino rabbit is the preferable laboratory animal where substance to be determine to applied in single dose to a small area of skin (6 cm.Sq. area) of an selected animal to untreated skin areas of the test animal serve as the control. The dose is 0.5 ml/gm to be applied to the test portion. As per method prescribed tow test: initial test and the confirmatory test in case only if a corrosive effect is not observed in the initial test. All animal should be examined for signs of erythema and oedema during 14 days. The dermal irritation score should be evaluated in conjunction with the nature and severity of lesions, and their reversibility or lack of reversibility. When responses persist to the end of the 14 days observation period, the test substance should be considered and irritant.