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IIRT (Institute for Industrial Research & Toxicology) is an accredited laboratory in India and performing the six pack studies, long terms and short terms studies. Dermal toxicity study is a part of 6 pack studies. IIRT follow the method provides information on health hazard liked pain and distress due to potential corrosive or severely irritant actions. The dermal toxicity studies are exposed via the dermal route to test the chemicals in a stepwise procedure the appropriate fix doses using groups of animals, of a single sex. The initial dose level is considering at the concentration expected to induce clear signs of toxicity without causing server toxic effects or mortality. It is then groups of animals may be tested at higher or lower fixed doses, its depend on presence or absence of the signs/symptoms of toxicity or mortality. The method continues until the dose causing toxicity or no more than one death is identified, or when no effects are seen at the highest dose or when deaths occur at the lowest dose. In mean time, observations of effects and deaths are made. The animals which die during the test are necropsied and at the conclusion of the test the surviving animals are sacrificed and necropsied. The procedure provides information on the hazardous properties and allows the substance to be classified for acute toxicity according the GHS of classification and labelling of the chemicals.