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Toxicity Testing
IIRT (Institute For Industrial Research & Toxicology) is a prominent name in toxicity testing laboratories. We committed towards developing, analysing, innovating toxicity testing for our all global and Local clients.  Our  toxicity testing lab has using and  all modern equipment, techniques & technologies through Scientific way to do correct toxicity reports.  Our work performance  have been able to become a trusted choice of clients for their toxicity testing . We do our toxicity testing for majorly in India, Turkey, Ezypt, Malaysia, USA, Kenia, Africa, Canada, Saudi arabia apart from these country we also available all over the world. At our  highly advanced toxicity testing laboratory in India wherein we carry out all kinds of toxicity testing and topological research work. We are  operating  from India, Bangladesh  as well as from other parts of the world such as  , Ezypt, Malaysia, Kenia, Africa, Saudi Arabia. 
We provide custom toxicity testing services. At our Toxicity testing lab we can test the degree to which a substance can damage a living organism. Our toxicity testing  Laboratory offers a full vary of industrial toxicity testing . Our workplace has much experience in toxicity testing report provider. We tend to additionally give a range of  toxicity testing services.
Reproductive Toxicity Studies
Invitro Toxicity Studies
Acute Toxicity Studies
Sub Acute Toxicity Studies
Chronic Toxicity Studies
Supplementary Toxicity Studies
Carcinogenicity & Mutagenicity Studies
Irritation Studies
Allergic Sensization Studies
Ecotoxicology Studies
Pharmacological Study Services
Lab Animal House Facility
Abbnornal Toxicity and Pyrogen Test
We at IIRT try to make wet compliance easier.
We at IIRT take samples all 7 days.
We provide sample pickup by courier services and provide free sample kits.
Free analysis
Customer support representative to make sure not only your all queries are answered but also give advice, and keep you connected with the testing and reporting process.
Reviews of test results and reports
Quick response on confirmation of results
We at IIRT follow the current standards of Toxicity testing and give competitive services to our clients. Our researchers conduct standard test procedures as per the governing regulations. Our growth in both national and international market is a proof of our researchers’ skills and experience, our toxicity testing equipment. Last but not the least IIRT is recognised as trusted toxicity testing laboratory for its infrastructure which is its capacity to complete the tests successfully and proficiently.
We request organizations for not getting attracted towards the various online toxicity test as the online testing technology is still in process. Lot of hard work and study is involved to make toxicity testing services availability worldwide because of efficiency and proficiency. We are renowned for our toxicity testing in India, Brazil etc.
Please contact us below to know about our toxicity testing services or quotation. We generally respond in 24 hrs.

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