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SAN BIOTECH PVT. LIMITED  one of the biggest NABL consulting association with customers in India. San Biotech Pvt. Limited is a marketing body of IIRT-Ghaziabad one of the leading research origented organisation in the field of Chemistry, Micro Biology, Toxicology, Pharmacology and approved laboratory of the all types of the quality testing.
Due to increase in number of laboratories, government realized that there needs to be some standards that regulate their business. National accreditation board for testing and calibration laboratories was incorporated under society Act to control the activities of such labs.
NABL certification in all over the India is considered as important factor if one wants to pursue lab testing business as it sets requirements to be adhered by them. NABL certification in India has gained popularity because of the fact that usually people do not prefer getting lab tested with those organization that are not accredited with NABL certification in Delhi,Delhi.

NABL puts some terms and condition before granting NABL certification in city following areas are assessed before granting NABL certificate in Delhi,Delhi.

  • Staff of the organization is technically competent.
  • Sample taken are properly handled.
  • Quality standards should be among best practices.
  • All the procedures and processes that labs use are right.
  • Environment of the place where tests are being done is good.
  • Calibration standards are complied.

By getting NABL certification in INDIA a business organization is able to attract more customers as people around have knowledge that those labs would be following best practices in their business. Therefore despite of a lot of cost involved in getting NABL certificate in INDIA, still it is being preferred by new organization as they understand its long term benefits.

Advantages of Getting NABL accreditation

  • it helps in getting more number of customers.
  • Quality of test being performed improves.
  • It reposes confidence among customers.
  • Compliance of laws is assured by getting NABL certification in INDIA.
  • Profitability of firm is increased.

Following are types of labs that require NABL certification in India.
  • Optical & Radiological Thermal labs
  • Chemical labs
  • Biological labs
  • Electro-Technical Fluid Flow labs
  • Mechanical labs
  • All electrical and electronic labs

We as NABL consultant  help business organization avoid these penalties. The department of NABL certification of IIRT has good experience of serving clients and helping them in getting NABL certification.  We understand the whole process of getting NABL certification in India and thus help our client in cutting cost and saving their valuable time.

Why to get NABL registration from us?

  1. We here do all type of NABL certification.
  2. Give 24/7 support
  3. Guarantee the lowest price for NABL Certification.
  4. 100% trusted services.

It is the assured NABL certification with the assurance of proper and complete third-party assessment for quality and technical competence.  It is our continuous strive for the timely and right NABL certification that we have gained momentum and acceptance amongst both the regulators and the end users.

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