Pharmaceutical Testing

IIRT is Government approved laboratory by FDA and offers pharmaceuticals testing services on Drugs other than those specified in Schedules C and C (1) and also excluding Homoeopathic Drugs
1    Drugs requiring the use of ultraviolet / Infra   Red. or Chromatography
2    Disinfectants
3    Other drugs
Drugs specified in Schedules C and C (1)
1    Antibiotics
2    Vitamins
3    Parenteral preparations
4    Drugs requiring the use of animals for their test
5    Drugs requiring microbiological tests
6    Drugs requiring the use of Ultraviolet/ Infra Red/ Spectrophotometer or Chromatography
7    Other drugs

IIRT performing the following tests 
1. Analytical Development
2. Benzene Testing in Drugs and Cosmetics
3. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
4. Elemental Analysis CHNS(O)
5. Excipients Testing
6. Finished Products Testing & Analysis
7. Inorganic Impurities
8. Franz Diffusion
9. Method Validation
10. Pharmaceutical Testing
11. Nitrosamine Testing and Analysis
12  Pharmaceutical Microbiology Testing
13  Photostability Testing
14. Potent Compound Containment Monitoring Program
15. Raw Material Testing
16. Stability Testing
17. Solid State Characterization
18. Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
19. Water System Validation

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