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IIRT provides its customers with high quality analytical data regarding the identity and concentrations of compounds in laboratory animal body fluids and tissues, as well as the concentrations in formulations and test systems. Methods are developed and validated in-house, or are implemented based on available methods with the sponsor, followed by cross-validation. The performance of the method complies with FDA, ICH other international guidelines. We also provide customer specific services.

The salient features of our bio-analytical services include

Ø  25 Mass specs covering technologies such as single quadrapole, triple quadrapole, ion trap, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/TOF, HRGCMS, ICP-MS

Ø  Multiple HPLCs with PDA and fluorescence detectors

Ø  Different matrices tested include rat plasma; dog plasma; & monkey plasma

Ø  Proprietary method development & validation on NCE's & method transfer

Ø  Metabolite identification

At present IIRT can offer the following bio analytical services

Ø  Bio-analytical support for in vitro & in vivo DMPK

Ø  Standalone Bioanalytical services

Ø  Proprietary method development

Ø  Method validation

Ø  Method transfer

Ø  Sample analysis using HPLC / Mass Specs