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The term "Phys/Chem testing" is taken from the GLP regulations and the OECD guidelines/CIPAC methodolgy for the testing of chemicals, and refers to the determination of physical-chemical properties of materials, such as:

- Melting point/Melting range

- Boiling point/Boiling range

- Distillation range

- Viscosity of liquids

- Refractive index

- Specific gravity or Density of liquids and solids

- Particle size distribution (by sieve technique)


Whilst these tests are not strictly Analytical Chemistry techniques, they form an invaluable addition to the scope of testing undertaken by Butterworth. Other parameters the laboratory considers as coming into the same category are:

- Optical rotation

- Congealing temperature

- Loss on drying

- Loss on ignition

- pH determination

- Water conductivity

- Calorific value

- Dissolution

- Disintegration

- Osmolality

- Colour and achromicity

- Hydrolytic resistance of glass

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