Handloom Cotton Bandage Cloth Non Sterilized

IIRT undertakes the testing of all the bandages of bandage. wound dressings are the most rapidly developing products of medical textiles and have a great significance for a successful wound treatment. Nowadays, varieties and properties of wound dressings have increased with modern understanding and usage of materials and technologies. Providing a moist environment is the basis of these developments. This balanced environment facilitates cellular growth and collagen proliferation within acellular matrix. Hence, the modern wound dressings are based on the concept of creating optimum conditions to allow epithelial cells so as to move unimpeded for the treatment and healing of wounds. In this respect, the ideal wound dressing should also provide effective oxygen circulation to aid regenerating cells for rapid healing with minimum inconvenience to the patient. The variety of wound types and wounded patient characters has resulted in a wide range of wound dressings. Taking wound dressings into considerations, this chapter offers a review of the test methods of emerging modern wound dressings for achieving improved wound healing.

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